The wisdom of whores

Key factors in its spread are coincidental genital infections and a low rate of circumcision.

The Wisdom of Whores

The author also presents data to show that if couples living in Thailand were to have further premarital sex, then their men would be the least likely to use commercial sex workers and the rate of the virus infection would, therefore, decline.

You will also learn that there is a weekly volleyball match in Jakarta between the local police and the ladyboys or waria, as they are known there. However, enthralling it is; also wise, witty, humane and intelligent. Doing things for innocent wives and children does. I believe sex and drug injection spread Aids.

Blog Sex in the sewers: Does that sound crazy. Factors Key to its spread is low rates of circumcision and coincidental genital infections. In fact this was already clear when the British government launched its notorious "tombstones and icebergs" publicity campaign in More Essay Examples on Africa Rubric She does spend a lot of time describing that world that a lot of people would rather never hear of: Thus HIV came to be redefined as a problem of poverty and gender inequality.

It made me wonder: Pisani shows that this liberal idea, favored by a lot of NGOs and UN agencies and other donors is a distraction. While Pisani presents a radical critique of her former bosses, when it comes to policy recommendations she is explicitly reactionary.

Another neglected theme is the effect of massive HIV funding on health services in general. She also blows away the smokescreen created by the international community that the fierce spread of Aids in parts of Africa is due to poverty and underdevelopment, rather than patterns of sexual behaviour, because to state the latter might appear racist.

But what if we could communicate the inequities in global health in other ways. A wet vagina is usually a pretty safe environment" conveys the frisson of having seemingly encountered dangerous words and ideas. Nevertheless, the clarity of her take on needle exchange, data coding, epi-speak, and religious squeamishness about sex belies their nuances and complexities.

Will it allow us to think a bit more creatively than another powerpoint presentation in a bunker conference. Some of these may include the religious groups that the campaign for policy based approach rather than evidence based ideology.

Doing nice things for whores and junkies carries no political rewards. Moreover, it is of relevance to cultural epidemiologists. She contends that "the circumcision and untreated STIs are easy to understand [in figuring varying HIV antibody prevalence: It would be a great mistake to discard Pisani because of the bizarre or the uncomfortable.

We just want people who are interested in the politics of health and diseaseor making great musicor both to show up to fun, one-day workshops in London. Where Pisani is concerned, public health transcends human rights, and testing should be far more broadly applied.

UN bureaucrats playing the Bullshit Bingo lining up sentences in a report or a grant proposal that will get you money but say rigorously nothing - grant writing is art of bullshitting Most important, perhaps, is her exasperated assertion - gaining increasing credibility in the argumentative world of AIDS - that the international response has been wrong-headed: Of sex and science.

She discusses the brothels, the warias transgendered male prostitutes and rent boys, the drug injectors. Africa, the West and the Fight against Aids, the distinctive pattern of concurrent "webs" of sexual partners, by contrast with the pattern of serial "chains" or "strings" of partners, seems to have facilitated the explosive spread of HIV in Africa.

Pisani complains rightfully about the language of mainstream epidemiology and its sacred cows, but her language is as imprecise as are her conclusions debatable.

This meant nights of hanging out on Jakarta street corners, asking waria ladyboys if they prefer to be the receptive or insertive partner in anal sex.

This is paramount since gay men and drug users exist everywhere in the world from the developed countries to the less developed.

The book is the story of her frustrations at the way the international community, national governments, NGOS and AIDS activists have dealt with the epidemics, as well as her hopes in some of the progress made.

Clinical and pharmaceutical specialists and development agency reps have had aired the dirty laundry of their infighting, money-grubbing and ill-conceived treatment programs.

She has written a deliciously iconoclastic volume, spiced with memorable phrases and personal anecdotes. The “Wisdom of Whores” is a fascinating take on the global AIDS epidemic that was written about a decade ago, but which is sadly still very relevant in talking about the way we address not just AIDS policy and programming, but health policy and programming in parisplacestecatherine.coms: The wisdom of Whores: Bureaucrats, Brothels, and the Business of AIDS By Elizabeth Pisani Viking Canada, pages, $ This is an utterly fascinating book.

The Wisdom of Whores I realize it may be a bit late, but I'm just discovering the wonderful ' The Wisdom of Whores ’ by Elizabeth Pisani (and this is her blog).

She's an epidemiologist working on AIDS and the book is full of information on the virus, the way it spreads and the way it is being dealt with. Cross-posted from The Global Sociology Blog.

Book Review - The Wisdom of Whores

Elizabeth Pisani's The Wisdom of Whores - Bureaucrats, Brothels and the Business of AIDS is a great book (along with a great website). Elizabeth Pisani is an epidemiologist with years of experience working on HIV/AIDS (or sex and drugs, as she puts, which sounds a lot, well, sexier) at a variety.

The Guardian on Saturday ran a review of The Wisdom of Whores, which is newly out in paperback in the UK. In it, Nicholas Lezard suggests I sound like a fun person to go for a drink with. By conincidence, I spent the weekend with someone who. The Wisdom of Whores: Bureaucrats, Brothels and the Business of Aids.

by Elizabeth Pisani. Granta £, pp When it comes to statistics, particularly medical statistics, most of us casually.

The wisdom of whores
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