An analysis of the doctrine of eternity of jesus in christian belief

Somewhat different lists of accepted works continued to develop in antiquity.

Christian theology

The life of the Osiris of a man in heaven is at once material and spiritual and it seems as if the Egyptians never succeeded in breaking away from their very ancient habit of confusing the things of the body with the things of the soul. He warned them that they would face persecution—and possibly martyrdom.

The two words used for soul in the Old and New Testament are nephesh and psuche. The Old Testament teaches very clearly that the human soul can and does die Ezekiel The sekhem or form. Maspero, Recueil de Travaux, t.

The language used was that the one God exists in three persons Father, Son, and Holy Spirit ; in particular it was affirmed that the Son was homoousios of one substance with the Father.

Enumeration[ edit ] Some attributes ascribed to God in Christian theology [17] are: The Council of Nicaea rejected theologies that entirely ruled out any humanity in Christ, affirming in the Nicene Creed the doctrine of the Incarnation as a part of the doctrine of the Trinity. Stablish thou me, and form thou me, O thou who art lord of the grave.

What Christianity Gets Wrong About Hell

Kimball, speaking to Latter-day Saint girls in Mexico City, said: He inherited divine powers from His Father. Lucifer, who became Satan, was also a spirit child of Heavenly Father.

I am the way, the truth and the life. Jewish Christianity The early centuries of Christian history also had groups at the other end of the spectrum, arguing that Jesus was an ordinary mortal. Followers of Jesus became known as Christians because they believed that Jesus was the Christ, or Messiah, prophesied about in the Old Testamentor Tanakh.

Mormon Doctrine of Jesus: A Christian Perspective

The offerings which were painted on the walls of the tomb were actually enjoyed by the deceased in his new state of being.

Thy name shall live upon earth, thy name shall flourish upon earth, thou shalt neither perish nor be destroyed for ever and for ever. Stone, NathanNames of God Chicago: Pearl of Great Price. Instead, it refers to him in personal terms — who speaks, sees, hears, acts, and loves.

While the Mission of God is not traditionally included in this list, David Bosch has argued that " mission is not primarily an activity of the church, but an attribute of God. He was charged with blasphemy Mk.

However, they are considered to be important historical documents which help to inform the understanding of words, grammar and syntax used in the historical period of their conception.

Nonetheless, Christians stress that they only believe in one God. Two things may be said in response.


All human beings have an immortal soul that lives on for eternity after death. In this time period, the Christological views of various groups within the broader Christian community led to accusations of heresyand, infrequently, subsequent religious persecution. Attaining to this level depends on their life here on earth.

Was Jesus the Son of God Eternally?

A Brief Analysis of the Eternal Sonship Doctrine The notion of Jesus’ eternal sonship is found to be faulty from the following particulars. Eternal Existence, Not Eternal Generation. Jesus was born of a virgin (Matthew ; Luke –35).

Jesus became a man (Philippians ). Jesus is fully God and fully man (Colossians ; 1 Timothy ; Hebrews ; 2 Corinthians ). Jesus is perfect and sinless (1 Peter ; Hebrews ).

Jesus is the only way to God the Father (John ; Matthew ; Luke ). The Doctrine of Predestination “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”1 Arguably, this verse from Genesis is one of the most well known verses in the Bible aside from John It is a universal Christian belief that God created the world and all of its inhabitants, making Him all-powerful.

May 28,  · A recent theologically heavy interview between John Piper and Rick Warren provided some insight into Warren's beliefs about salvation and eternity. Firstly, Warren affirmed that Jesus is the only way to eternity with ChristOccupation: Christian Post Reporter. The Christian Doctrine of the Trinity defines God as three divine persons, the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit.

The three persons are distinct yet coexist in unity, and are co-equal, co-eternal and consubstantial. God the Son is the second person of the Trinity in Christian theology.

The doctrine of the Trinity identifies Jesus of Nazareth as God the Son, united in essence but distinct in person with regard to God the Father and God the Holy Spirit (the first and third persons of the Trinity).

An analysis of the doctrine of eternity of jesus in christian belief
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What Rick Warren Believes About Salvation, Eternal Life